Call of Cthulhu - Our Temporary Supervisor

It's a grim "purist" horror scenario from Ethan, based on a story by Thomas Ligotti. Like, really grim. Fair warning.

In a small gray factory on the edge of a crumbling town, workers spend long tedious hours assembling metal devices for some obscure purpose. The labor is dreary, but the pay is all right -- until a temporary change in management begins to reveal some troubling implications about the factory's nature. The brittle psyches of three workers will be tested to their shattering points.

If you'd like to read the original Ligotti story, it can be found in the collection Teatro Grottesco


Aaron - Gordy, a longtime worker struggling to support his family and control his anger.

Greg - Chet, a depressed alcoholic who's lost everything but his dog and his job.

Laura - Rachel, a young woman trying to escape from her family through work, online games, and anxiety medication.