Delta Green - Antartica

It's a tri-podcast-fecta as Noah from The Roleplaying Exchange & Maple Syrup, Blood Money and Raymond from [insert quest here] join in on the sequel to Ethan's one shot scenario Sail an Iceberg to Sydney 

After the fallout from Project Anthropocene, agents are sent to investigate an ice core drilling operation in Antartica. 


Greg - Dr. Michael Heinrich - NASA Climatologist and Oceanographer.

Noah - Brenan Van Valkenburg - The American Special Operator.

Ray - Simo Cornwell - Agent of ASIS.

Eclipse Phase - Dog Star


Adam L. — Raga, an uplifted whale currently sleeved in a Surya (space whale)

Adam T., from Role Playing Exchange — Thea, currently sleeved in a Salamander morph

Chris, from Role Playing Exchange — Ulkrika, a space punk scum in a Sundiver morph (synthetic space whale)

Noah — Sea Pig, a neo-pig uplift, sleeved in a Surya

Ethan — Voyageur, a psychic-space whale

Dungeon Crawl Classics - The Portal Under the Stars

In our first fantasy actual play, we tackle the beginning scenario found in the Dungeon Crawl Classics core book. 

A group of Level 0 peasants from the village of Goodman are tasked with preventing the horrors coming from a nearby castle. Will they be able to save their homes and family? Who will survive and what will be left of them?

World Wide Wrestling - Total Domination Wrestling

We try out World Wide Wrestling by Nathan D. Paoletta with Adam from The Roleplaying Exchange

A rising star in the Total Domination Wrestling promotion must fight to keep his number one contender spot. 


Adam T. - Moonshiner Joe - The Monster, a mountain man.

Greg - Daniel "Lionheart" Lowe - The Technician with a lion gimmick and mask.

Ethan - Miggy Moondust - The High Flyer and knock-off Bowie.

A Dirty World - Shades of Gray - Episode 02

A pharmaceutical company's been investigated, a mistress has been uncovered, and personal secrets have been revealed. But the question still remains; who killed Ambrose Gray? All will be revealed in the thrilling conclusion to Shades of Gray


Greg – Representative Richard Gray – Son of Ambrose Gray.

Rachel – Vanessa Gray – Daughter of Ambrose Gray.

Noah – Smithfield Dow, P.I. – Hired by the Grays to clear their name.

Ethan – Michael Grief – The Gardener.