Delta Green - Dry Run for Mass Operation 248

A pair of Delta Green agents are called in to investigate a mysterious letter sent to multiple FBI agencies. A 7th grade math teacher sent these letters, which refer to Delta Green and a bunch of old operations from the '50s...

Ethan - GM

Aaron M. - Edmond Roux, FBI Agent

Steve - Willy Staples, Psychiatrist from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Delta Green - This Village Was Made For Us Part 1

In the Fall of Delta Green era (but played in Delta Green: The Role Playing Game) in August 1955, Working Group Icarus is sent to Washington state to investigate the suicide of a friendly, and the mysterious note left behind that people are watching him and that 'it's' sleeping right now and to come during the day...

GM: Ian

Daniel: Special Agent William Patrusi, FBI

Ethan C: Special Operator Anthony Oliveras, Naval Intelligence

Ethan F: Jonathan Wainwright, Engineer

Joseph: Doctor Justine Richer, FBI

Delta Green - The Sauceman Cometh

Travis from the Drunk and Ugly takes Greg and Ethan for a hell of a ride. A series of disappearances and mysterious fires in June, 2003 make things hell for Atlanta, Georgia. A pair of non-combat Delta Green agents are tasked to investigate, now that the program has been welcomed back into the federal government. As they go to speak with a witness a farmers market, what horrors await them as the Sauceman cometh...?

Greg: Lynda Fike, CDC Test Engineer

Ethan: Keaton Headly, CDC Virology Historian

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Delta Green - Out of the Box

Aaron returns to lead us through a Delta Green scenario! A group of agents in hot water are given the crappy assignment of cataloging a Green Box. What troubles await in these ancient boxes...?

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Ben - Annaliese Hammer, EPA

Greg - Hal Myers, Secret Service

Noah - Luke Endecott, Navy Hospital Corpsman