Red Markets - 10K Lakes - No Russian

Happy 2 year anniversary to 10K Lakes! Trust us; Freelance probably won't see a third.

Freelance brings in an old friend to go on another adventure. A streamer from the Recession wants them to check in on a friend from the Loss whose camera has gone down but whose streams have continued. Surely everything is fine...

Aaron S. - Loveless - Everyone's favorite(?) Latent mechanic returns from Episode 1 to continue taking and trying to make things better for her sick nephew.

Chris – Allensworth – A combat medic who has gunned two ways. 

Ethan C. – Taxey – A street tough hustler/rapper with a new baby and a new purpose.

Ian – Tora – A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears.

Delta Green - Mass Operation 248

No more dry runs. The operation is a go. What will happen to these agents? Can they complete the operation, and more importantly, survive?

Ethan - GM

Adam T. - Glenn Anzalone, Yellowstone National Park Ranger

Ben - Rebecca McGeehan, Prosecuting Attorney

Ian - Tessa Souder - Professor

Jen - Nicki Duda - Homemaker / Meteorologist

Better Angels - No Soul Left Behind 16

It's the thrilling conclusion of A New Brand of Justice, recorded live at GenCon 2018! Can the teachers outwit the super 'heroes' with their identities intact? Can they survive the assembly, let alone their students?

Noah  (He/Him) - The GM


Adam (He/Him) - Mac Malachi Noble / Dagon Cloudtrip - The grumpy old math teacher.

Laura  (They/Them) - Angelina Joceline / The Book Burner - The school librarian.

Chris - Benson Coyle / Psychopomp- The new teacher on the block.

Greg  (He/Him) - Chase Chevallier / Chernabog - The musical theater teacher.

Red Markets - 10K Lakes - In The Still Of The Night

Freelance is hired to steal an incredibly quiet motor, from a lab that tested it in a super quiet facility. Can they get the goods, and not go crazy or get eaten amidst the silence?

GM - Greg (He/Him)

Adam T. – Shears – Latent beautician tired of your mansplaining. (She/Her) 

David – Longshot – A dispossessed Canadian that hasn’t let the  apocalypse ruin his good nature…even if he has to kill you. (He/Him) 

Ian – Tora – A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears. (He/HIm)

Nick – Pulse – An undercover operative for StopLoss out to help them hunt immunes. (He/Him)

Sean F.  – Stitches – A Black Math paramedic obsessed with keeping the numbers even. (He/Him)

Red Markets - Masada's Redoubt Part 7

The soldiers go on a mission to secure a waste treatment plant. But being deep in the island, there are many dangers along the way...

Laura (They/Them): GM

Adam (He/Him): SFC Albert ‘Eyes’ Kaufer USMC Scout Sniper

Ethan (He/Him): Warrant Officer Ben ‘Quarter’ Haskel, USMC Quartermaster

Greg (He/Him): Lieutenant Rain “Squall” Laguna, USMC

Noah (He/Him): Corporal Eric ‘Ganon’ Salim, USMC Scout Sniper