Delta Green - Disneyland Dark

In 1959, a VIP with knowledge of the Program calls in a favor. The Program send a group in the dog house, Control Group S, thinking this will be a cakewalk. The group gets sent to the VIP's business in Anaheim...

Ian - GM

Ethan C. - Anthony Oliveras, US Military

Ethan F. - Jimmy Hanson, Attorney

Greg - Bernard Grimes, Paramedic

Ray - Kerri, Research Assistant, NOA

Delta Green - Mass Operation 248

No more dry runs. The operation is a go. What will happen to these agents? Can they complete the operation, and more importantly, survive?

Ethan - GM

Adam T. - Glenn Anzalone, Yellowstone National Park Ranger

Ben - Rebecca McGeehan, Prosecuting Attorney

Ian - Tessa Souder - Professor

Jen - Nicki Duda - Homemaker / Meteorologist

Bedlam Hall - A Callously Cruel Croquet Championship

A long time coming, we run Bedlam Hall from MonkeyFun Studios! Lord Blackwood is hosting the Britain Croquet Championship, to bring more prestige and honor to the Blackwood family name. Unfortunately for the workers of the Blackwoods, they are a rather eccentric bunch...

If you like the AP, we interviewed the author, Dave, a while back:

His game in development at that time, A Town Called Malice, is currently in Kickstarter and has been funded:

Greg - GM

David - Farthingsworth, The Butler

Ethan - Vasily, The Chauffeur

Fate - DPAD

The Department of Paranormal Activity & Defense works to protect, serve, and occasionally fight those that are non-human. A trio of agents work together to investigate a death under mysterious circumstances, as a woman has died of severe hemorrhaging and burst eardrums...

Michael (GM)

Ben: William Genson, The Business-Summoner: A wealthy businessman and Goetic demon summoner, he helps fund DPAD and works with them to expand his own horizons.

Ethan: Philip Langston, The Occult Librarian: Knowledgeable about all things occult, he's respected in DPAD for his encyclopedic knowledge... of how to find occult knowledge

Greg: Alex Horatio, The Medical Examiner From Hell: A demon who has second thoughts about the whole rebelling thing, has run up to earth, and is working as a medical examiner to try to redeem himself.