Delta Green - LA Diabolical

In this Delta Green one shot in the pre-Fall era, it's June 1955. Control Group S is recovering from the Disneyland Dark operation. A new investigation is called, as a talent agent has vanished, and it's been claimed that he was dragged into hell by a demon. An agent has to fly into LA and deal with some friendlies...

Ian: GM

Birk: Freddie, Fence

Ethan: Anthony Oliveras, US Military (Returning from Disneyland Dark)

Joe: Darcy Van, LAPD Detective

The Sprawl - The Bogatyrev Jam

A crew is assembled to kidnap a data courier, Bogatyrev. He uses the cyber-technology to keep the data he carries in his body. This will not be a smash and grab job, these heisters will have to operate very carefully...

Ben - GM

Aaron - Bobby Digital - The Tech

Ethan - Sneaky Sammy - The Infiltrator

Greg - Hornet - The Driver

Spire - The City Must Fall

We try another new adventure by playing Spire! In this mile high, ancient city, a pair of Drow are working for an illicit organization working against the establishment...

If you're interested in the game, check out the pdf!

Ben: GM

Aaron: Alexandra Laurent, the Idol 

Ethan: Ganford Sieger, the Knight

Eclipse Phase - Into the Black Gaiden - In A Little Vial

We're back to Into the Black for a new one shot side story! A group of Firewall agents investigate a station that had been attacked by TITANs...

Adam - GM

Ben - Run Silent, Run Deep - Firewall Erasure Squad Assassin

Greg - 100t - Firewall Erasure Squad Scavenger

Laura - Bala - Firewall Erasure Squad Reaper

Noah - Sam - Firewall Erasure Squad Machine Hunter

Slasher Flick - Miskatonic College Party

It's Spring Break, and a bunch of students from Miskatonic U are gonna party at an abandoned building on campus! I'm sure everything's gonna be FINNNNNEEEEEEE...

Jen - GM

Adam - Charity Noble (The Slut) Tony Blaze (The Stoner)

Ben - Amber Palmer (The Good Student) Josh Hobbes (The Jock)

Mike - Dexter Finnegan (The Nerd) Lily White (The Goth)