Red Markets - Masada's Redoubt Part 10

It's the season finale! To get more people in the enclave, the soldiers decide to go investigate a nearby radio station. Will they be able to clear it to get the word out?

(The station is a real place! (As are many things in this campaign). If you're interested here's more info on it.)

Laura (They/Them): GM

Adam (He/Him): SFC Albert ‘Eyes’ Kaufer USMC Scout Sniper

Ethan (He/Him): Warrant Officer Ben ‘Quarter’ Haskel, USMC Quartermaster

Greg (He/Him): Lieutenant Rain “Squall” Laguna, USMC

Noah (He/Him): Corporal Eric ‘Ganon’ Salim, USMC Scout Sniper

Eclipse Phase - Out On The Dunes

For Adam's birthday, he... wanted to run Eclipse Phase for us. So happy birthday to us?

An artisan on Titan has gone missing, and it's enough to concern Firewall but not enough to go super high effort on it. A group of agents are called in to investigate...


Ben - Bee Fly, Titanian Criminal Hacker

Ethan - Yesper Ilik, Titanian Firewall Filter / Microfinance Portfolio Manager

Greg - Skye, Socialite Escort (Returning from The Five Toned Goddess)

Laura - Inger, Titanian Science Police Inspector

Better Angels - No Soul Left Behind Part 18

The teachers prepare for their fiercest battle yet. Can they defeat the gangsters and save the city?

Noah (He/Him) - The GM


Adam (He/Him) - Mac Malachi Noble / Dagon Cloudtrip - The grumpy old math teacher.

Laura (They/Them) - Angelina Joceline / The Book Burner - The school librarian.

Chris - Benson Coyle / Psychopomp- The new teacher on the block.

Greg (He/Him) - Chase Chevallier / Chernabog - The musical theater teacher.

Delta Green - LA Diabolical

In this Delta Green one shot in the pre-Fall era, it's June 1955. Control Group S is recovering from the Disneyland Dark operation. A new investigation is called, as a talent agent has vanished, and it's been claimed that he was dragged into hell by a demon. An agent has to fly into LA and deal with some friendlies...

Ian: GM

Birk: Freddie, Fence

Ethan: Anthony Oliveras, US Military (Returning from Disneyland Dark)

Joe: Darcy Van, LAPD Detective