Eclipse Phase 2E (Quickstart / Beta) - Your Body Is A Shell

While we all eagerly await Eclipse Phase Second Edition, Ethan takes Greg and Ben through a short adventure. Two Firewall agents are going gatecrashing to investigate a mysterious Somatek facility built deep outside the galaxy…

Ethan (He/Him) - GM

Ben (He/Him) - Ang Salaginto (He/Him) - Human Scavenger

Greg (He/Him) - Pivo (They/Them) - Octomorph Scavenger

Eclipse Phase - Intelletual Property

In this one shot, Proxy Bast sends out a crew of Sentinels to go to Flytrap station to steal an alien artifact from Pathfinder.

Ethan: Sven Knutson
Greg: Alf Axel
Kent: Astrid
Laura: Iris Maia

Also, March 23rd is Technical Difficulties’ two-year anniversary and to celebrate we’re giving away a copy of Ki Khanga, the Sword and Soul Roleplaying game! Everyone who rates and reviews us on iTunes between now and the end of April 2018 will be entered into a raffle for a free copy of the core book. Every patron gets an entry too. Both a patron and leave us a review? Have TWO entries! Good luck, and thanks for listening to Technical Difficulties!

Eclipse Phase - Into the Black - Episode 09

Following the debrief on the Zrbny mission, our heroes are tasked to investigate a 9 Lives facility. Why are they having egos sent in, not out...?

Ethan – NASIT – AGI Infosec specialist.

Greg – Templeton – Neo-pig with heavy weapons

Kent – Dr. Freddy Fahrenheit – AGI fork of NASIT. Is actually a doctor.

Noah – Saitou – The Ultimate

Laura – Eliza -  Autonomist Mathematician

Rachel – Teegan – Hyperelite Lawyer