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Technical Difficulties is a weekly Actual Play RPG podcast. Our focus is on playing a variety of systems and games. The games range from horror scenarios set in the Civil War and beyond, to sci fi action-adventures, and more. We’ve already completed campaigns in Red Markets, MonsterHearts, and Monsters and Other Childish Things, as well as episodes in other systems like Call of Cthulhu and Eclipse Phase. We love to create engaging stories through role play and improv, and hope you enjoy. If you have an RPG you’d like us to play test, or just want to chat, email us at technicaldifficultiespod@gmail.com, tweet at us @techdiffgp, or leave a comment on an episode here.

Ethan is a librarian from Missouri. His favorite systems are Red Markets and Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. He's written some stuff that he eventually hopes to publish, mainly his Civil War Cthulhu scenarios and the micro game "What Could Go Wrong?"

Greg is to blame for this mess. He writes the blogs for Tech Diff, and is on Twitter @gjbennett33. His favorite systems are Red Markets, Delta Green, and Breakfast Cult.

Laura B, a DC librarian, herds these cats into some semblance of organization. She also writes: LauraBWrites.com and Tumblr. Her favorite RPG systems, to play or run, are Eclipse Phase and Red Markets. Send her writing prompts @LauraBWrites or through Tumblr.

Adam L is a policy nerd from South Carolina. He’s also Laura B’s partner. When not ranting about politics on Twitter @acblimehouse or making spreadsheets to help gamers, Adam enjoys running and playing dark games with silly characters.

Ben is some nerd from the Midwest.  He lives in a small, dark apartment with his cat Lying. His favorite RPGs are Delta Green, Night's Black Agents, and Unknown Armies. 


Aaron turns the games we play into MP3s. He also makes anime jokes on the Kame House Party podcast and sketches with his improv group Daddy's Ghost. Yell at him about audio issues @aaronjshelton

We have a Patreon! We're hoping we’re entertaining enough y’all will help us keep producing content. We’re aiming to pay for hosting episodes, improve our equipment (to improve audio quality), and pay folks for their time in making the podcast. Thank you for considering backing us!