Delta Green - Disneyland Dark

In 1959, a VIP with knowledge of the Program calls in a favor. The Program send a group in the dog house, Control Group S, thinking this will be a cakewalk. The group gets sent to the VIP's business in Anaheim...

Ian - GM

Ethan C. - Anthony Oliveras, US Military

Ethan F. - Jimmy Hanson, Attorney

Greg - Bernard Grimes, Paramedic

Ray - Kerri, Research Assistant, NOA

WWW ICW - Real Pro Extreme Episode 834 - Washington DC

A meningitis outbreak has hit RPX! Wrestlers from a few other promotions come in to fill space and try to win the disappointed crowd...

Micah: Shandy Isle - The Veteran: Shandy wowed TDW and has earned himself a roster spot! His job secure, Shandy is bringing back old tricks and old friends to make a name for himself.

Noah (Role Playing Exchange, Maple Syrup, Blood Money): Smackwater Jack - The Hardcore: The man from the Bayou who's tired of wrestling gators.

Ray (Insert Quest Here): Gordon 'The Gorgon' Meranon - The Monster: From Blackpool UK, Soccer player turned celebrity chef turned felon turned wrestler.

Red Markets - 10K Lakes - Suuuuper Lad

A few guests join Freelance, along with some old friends, for a job grabbing a rare comic book at a convention...

Greg - NRG - A hustling mechanic with a husband, adopted son, and crippling debt.

Laura - Woodsman - A former high school science teacher, wandering the Loss with a bow and dog. Somehow not dead yet.

Ray - Colt - Combat medic who can gun two ways.

Bryan - Absentee

Ben - McStuffins

Red Markets - 10K Lakes - The Grapes of Roth

A group from Freelance protects a Dronkey caravan out to sell some supplies. But, as is so often the case in the Loss, things are not as they seem...

Chris - Iditarod - A dog trainer burned by the last movie they worked on and trying to buy their way back into the industry.

Nick - Toss-Up - Canadian demolitions expert caught on the wrong side of the fence but the right side of the nukes.

Ray - Colt - Combat medic who can gun two ways.

Delta Green - Antartica

It's a tri-podcast-fecta as Noah from The Roleplaying Exchange & Maple Syrup, Blood Money and Raymond from [insert quest here] join in on the sequel to Ethan's one shot scenario Sail an Iceberg to Sydney 

After the fallout from Project Anthropocene, agents are sent to investigate an ice core drilling operation in Antartica. 


Greg - Dr. Michael Heinrich - NASA Climatologist and Oceanographer.

Noah - Brenan Van Valkenburg - The American Special Operator.

Ray - Simo Cornwell - Agent of ASIS.