What Could Go Wrong? The Rock (No, Not That One. Or The Other One.)

In an impromptu round of What Could Go Wrong?, a band of merry idiot Youtubers and #Influencers plot to break into a super villain prison in the Marianas Trench #DidItForTheVine #PranksGoneWrong... and to break out our super villain leader.

Featuring Ben, Daniel, Ethan(He/Him), Greg (He/Him)

What Could Go Wrong? - Playtest

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Ethan wrote an entry for the 200 Word RPG Challenge and Aaron and Greg had the pleasure of playtesting it one fateful Saturday morning.

The game takes players through the set-up and execution of a heist. We ran through two sessions of the game, one taking place on a movie set and the other involving the Golden State Warriors.