Heart - The Knife

Ben leads us through a game of Heart, a horror / fantasy game set in the Spire! Two desperate people delve deep under the Spire to a parasitic place where madness bleeds into reality...

Ben - GM

Chris - By The Light of the Shadow, The Junk Mage

Greg - Vermile, The Vermissian Knight

If you're interested in Heart, it's currently on Kickstarter as of posting, and is well beyond funded.

As you may or may not know, Kickstarter staff are  currently trying to unionize and are facing pressure from ownership. We respect and honor the workers and hope they are successful. As of this time, they have not asked for a moratorium on backing projects. We will continue to monitor the situation, and encourage you to do the same. In the event that the staff encourages the public to boycott we will do so and find alternative means of supporting creators. For now, we as a podcast and as fans are continuing to support projects that are important (Like Darker Hue’s Haunted West), that we believe in (Like  Reclaimer, Root, or Heart), or both.