Red Markets - 10K Lakes - Paper Jam

A group of Freelance has been hired by Zephyr's Bounty. Their leader wants them to go to a maker space in suburban Minneapolis to get his personal 3D printer and anything else they can get their hands on. Being so close to the city, can they get there safe and get their bounty?

Aaron M. – Munchkin – Child soldier archetype. Yeah, we're surprised she's lasted this long too.

Chris – Iditarod – A dog trainer burned by the last movie they worked on and trying to buy their way back into the industry.

David – Longshot – A dispossessed Canadian that hasn’t let the apocalypse ruin his good nature…even if he has to kill you.

Ethan F. – Hard Luck – A gambler who never knew when to hold or fold ’em scrapping by in the Loss.

Sean F. – Stitches – A Black Math paramedic looking to spread his own gospel.

Breakfast Cult - Brain Trust

A group of students check in on a friend, only to find something sinister afoot...


Adam: Fong Ho - Best Student, Worst Person; The Student Council Vice President who has it all figured out, or so he claims...

Laura: Madoka Mawaru - Perfect Dork; Uber gamer and a good friend to all.

Aaron (Role Playing Public Radio): Rin Tanaka - Weirdness Magnet; The control of this crazy school; all they want is some peace and quiet...

Charlie (The Drunk and The Ugly): O - Korea's Greatest Cult Buster; The sugar and caffeine powered crime solver.

Red Markets - Distributy

Creator of Red Markets and co-host of The Mixed Six Caleb Stokes runs a game for our crew. 

The Takers are hired to map out a safe route for a country musician. We also test out the Red Markets’ web app created by Eric Bright.

Adam — Terry G., the pool and card shark Hustler.

Ethan — Pony-Boy, the over-burdened tech specialist and old-school hacker.

Greg — Maverik, the former NBA fan turned Archivist.

Laura B — Sticks, the Latent melee specialist.

Table Chatter - Ross Payton - Roadtrip

NEWS: Get Ross' game Base Raiders in print for 30% off!

On this episode of Table Chatter, Greg sits down with Ross Payton from Role Playing Public Radio to talk about Monsters and Other Childish Things, the process of creating his campaign Road Trip, and ninja raccoons.