Table Chatter - Gen Con 2016 Post Mortem

Greg, Laura, Adam and Rachael gather 'round an open gaming table on the last day of Gen Con to talk about their experiences, game recommendations, and those hot, hot tips for next year.

Here's a big list of all their purchases:


RPG Books

Bubble Gumshoe (Evil Hat Productions) (

MonsterHearts (Buried Without Ceremony) (

Both also available via Indie Press Revolution (

The Baby Bestiary 1 & 2 (Kickstarter Pickup) (Metal Weave Games) (

Short Story Collection

Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions (Signed by Adam Scott Glancy) (Arc Dream Publishing) (

Board Games

Evolution: The Beginning & Evolution: Climate (North Star Games) (

Boss Monster + Tools of Hero-Kind, Crash Landing, & Paper & Pixels Expansions + GenCon 2016 Promo (Brotherwise Games) (

Paperback (Tim Fowers Games) (


Frosted Red / White Numbers | Frosted Purple / White Numbers | Astral Blue/White / Red Numbers: All Polyhedral 7 Die Sets (Chessex) (

Orange Dice Bag w/ Black Biohazard Symbol (... I forget the seller. My apologies!)


RPPR Pearler Bead Pins plus a Commissioned Pearler Bead Pin provided by

Eclectic Eccentricities (


Board Games

Brewin’ USA (Adam’s Apple Games) ( |


Black | Red d10s (Chessex)  (


Cthulhu Absinthe shirt (Pegasus Publishing) (


RPG Books

Better Angels (Arc Dream) (

No Soul Left Behind (Arc Dream) (

Base Raiders (Arc Dream) (

Tales from the Underground (Arc Dream) (

Boiling Point (Arc Dream) (

The Play’s the Thing (Magpie Games) (

All also available through Indie Press Revolution (

X-Risks (Post Human Studios) (

Transhumanity’s Fate (Post Human Studios) (

The Baby Bestiary v.1 & v.2 (Kickstarter Pickup) (Metal Weave Games) (


Gold metallic | Silver metallic | Bronze metallic fudge dice (Chessex) (


RPPR Pearler Bead Pin provided by Eclectic Eccentricities (

Cream colored shirt for a costume (Crimson Chain Leather) (

Gen Con Gaming Department shirt (Gen Con Store) (



Chessex teal with white frosted 7 die set

Chessex black-shell with white gemini 7 die set

CriticalSuccess D20 black ring


Jareth painting on Aluminum

Eevee print


Gencon Mug (from Butterbeer)

Gencon Tank