Monsterhearts - Winter Quarter 1998 - Episode 01

Break out the dial-up modem as we go back in time for some spooky college melodrama with Monsterhearts, the storytelling game of sexy monsters and teenage angst.

January 1998: Rawlins and Downing Liberal Arts College is recovering from a massive winter storm, with several buildings and off-campus housing crumbling under excessive snow and ice. With all the dorms at capacity, our protagonists must learn to deal with their roommates while keeping their secrets safe.


Laura: Catrin Aylen Mòr (The Witch) -  Writer. West-Coast transplant. Perpetually wondering WTF is up with this school.

Ethan: Neko Thutmose Rothschild III (The Mummy) - Ex-Pharaoh. Resurrected 2,300 years late. Working hard to get back on top.

Greg: Jason "JJ" Jerome (The Minotaur) - Sculptor. Midwest transplant. Trying, in vain, to fit in and find his place in the world.

And as an added bonus, enjoy this 90's playlist specifically created for the campaign to help you get in the mood.