Eclipse Phase - Into the Black - Episode 09

Following the debrief on the Zrbny mission, our heroes are tasked to investigate a 9 Lives facility. Why are they having egos sent in, not out...?

Ethan – NASIT – AGI Infosec specialist.

Greg – Templeton – Neo-pig with heavy weapons

Kent – Dr. Freddy Fahrenheit – AGI fork of NASIT. Is actually a doctor.

Noah – Saitou – The Ultimate

Laura – Eliza -  Autonomist Mathematician

Rachel – Teegan – Hyperelite Lawyer

Breakfast Cult - Brain Trust

A group of students check in on a friend, only to find something sinister afoot...


Adam: Fong Ho - Best Student, Worst Person; The Student Council Vice President who has it all figured out, or so he claims...

Laura: Madoka Mawaru - Perfect Dork; Uber gamer and a good friend to all.

Aaron (Role Playing Public Radio): Rin Tanaka - Weirdness Magnet; The control of this crazy school; all they want is some peace and quiet...

Charlie (The Drunk and The Ugly): O - Korea's Greatest Cult Buster; The sugar and caffeine powered crime solver.

World Wide Wrestling - National Slamthem - 02

As we gear up for the winter holiday season, it is only fitting... to have a wrestling pay-per-view about the Fourth of July.



Aaron (Kame House Party): Rick Buckman - The Clown: The Ren-Faire Phenom of the ropes with the wonderful puns.

Adam (Role Playing Exchange): Moonshiner Joe - The Monster: The Southern Bootlegger who is not to be crossed.

Noah (Role Playing Exchange, Maple Syrup, Blood Money): Smackwater Jack - The Hardcore: The man from the Bayou who's tired of wrestling gators.

Micah: Shandy Isle - The Jobber: The perennial loser is given his shot to be on national television. Will he do his job and lose, or strive for glory?

Red Markets - 10K Lakes - Badger's Boys

A couple new takers come into town to work a job with 0perator and Misty.

Adam L. - Misty - A dangerously detached debutant wielding a spear (that's only a spear).

Chris H. - 0perator - She's TOTALLY not a Steward, guys.

Ian - Vapor - No sacrifice is too great for this taker to achieve their goals - but they don’t want to lose their soul.

Factotum - Jared - An overprotective dad with issues.

Dirty World - Harbor Side

Laura runs a noir adventure for Adam and Ethan of as a pair of detectives deal with a theft in a pawn shop in Baltimore.

Adam - Michael O'Hennessey - Detective in his mid-60's. Disgruntled vet who is buried in his work.

Ethan - Kendra Amandi - Recently risen to the rank of detective and partnered with O'Hennessey.