Eclipse Phase - Out On The Dunes

For Adam's birthday, he... wanted to run Eclipse Phase for us. So happy birthday to us?

An artisan on Titan has gone missing, and it's enough to concern Firewall but not enough to go super high effort on it. A group of agents are called in to investigate...


Ben - Bee Fly, Titanian Criminal Hacker

Ethan - Yesper Ilik, Titanian Firewall Filter / Microfinance Portfolio Manager

Greg - Skye, Socialite Escort (Returning from The Five Toned Goddess)

Laura - Inger, Titanian Science Police Inspector

Eclipse Phase - Into the Black Gaiden - In A Little Vial

We're back to Into the Black for a new one shot side story! A group of Firewall agents investigate a station that had been attacked by TITANs...

Adam - GM

Ben - Run Silent, Run Deep - Firewall Erasure Squad Assassin

Greg - 100t - Firewall Erasure Squad Scavenger

Laura - Bala - Firewall Erasure Squad Reaper

Noah - Sam - Firewall Erasure Squad Machine Hunter

Eclipse Phase - The Five Toned Goddess

A group of Sentinels have to pull a heist on a Martian luxury train before it delivers an X-threat to the train station...

Ben: Shiolan: Anarchist Militia Volunteer in an Exalt

Ethan: Mianaai: Firewall Vector / Infosec Specialist in a Ruster

Greg: Skye: Socialite Escort in a Pleasure Pod

Laura: Hadi Riku: Athlete in a Flexbot

Eclipse Phase - Intelletual Property

In this one shot, Proxy Bast sends out a crew of Sentinels to go to Flytrap station to steal an alien artifact from Pathfinder.

Ethan: Sven Knutson
Greg: Alf Axel
Kent: Astrid
Laura: Iris Maia

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