Delta Green - Sail an Iceberg to Sydney

Noah from The Roleplaying Exchange joins us for this night at the opera written by Ethan.

Mike Rydger, an Australian tech billionaire, decided to sail an iceberg to Sydney, Australia to raise awareness of global warming and the erosion of Antarctic ice shelves.  The iceberg itself has been christened a sea-going sailing vessel for international legal purposes, named the SV Anthropocene.

Two weeks ago, soon after the start of the sailing phase, Office of Naval Intelligence picked up a weird photo, with two images of an interior ice wall from the iceberg. There is a dark, wavy object embedded in the wall of ice. The scientist at NOAA ran the image through a recognition database, which raised a flag on the Program’s interest list. Further SIGINT analysis at ONI led to it being classified as a top-priority, immediate action item.

The Mission: Infiltrate the iceberg, collect intel on the Object, assess and secure it if possible, and neutralize any threat. Nature of threat is unknown but assume highest danger. OpSec is top priority. Intercept at Sydney is last resort. Mission completion should occur far away from population centers if at all possible.


Greg - Dr. Michael Heinrich - Climatologist and oceanographer

Laura - Sicily McReady - CIA wetwork special agent

Noah -  Howard Donaldson - Navy Seal