Bedlam Hall - A Callously Cruel Croquet Championship

A long time coming, we run Bedlam Hall from MonkeyFun Studios! Lord Blackwood is hosting the Britain Croquet Championship, to bring more prestige and honor to the Blackwood family name. Unfortunately for the workers of the Blackwoods, they are a rather eccentric bunch...

If you like the AP, we interviewed the author, Dave, a while back:

His game in development at that time, A Town Called Malice, is currently in Kickstarter and has been funded:

Greg - GM

David - Farthingsworth, The Butler

Ethan - Vasily, The Chauffeur

Table Chatter - Interview with Dave from Monkeyfun Studios

Ethan and Greg talk with Dave of Monkeyfun studios, makers of Spirit of 77, Bedlam Hall, and more, including the upcoming A Town Called Malice. We talk about how these RPGs came to be and their development.

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