Fate - DPAD

The Department of Paranormal Activity & Defense works to protect, serve, and occasionally fight those that are non-human. A trio of agents work together to investigate a death under mysterious circumstances, as a woman has died of severe hemorrhaging and burst eardrums...

Michael (GM)

Ben: William Genson, The Business-Summoner: A wealthy businessman and Goetic demon summoner, he helps fund DPAD and works with them to expand his own horizons.

Ethan: Philip Langston, The Occult Librarian: Knowledgeable about all things occult, he's respected in DPAD for his encyclopedic knowledge... of how to find occult knowledge

Greg: Alex Horatio, The Medical Examiner From Hell: A demon who has second thoughts about the whole rebelling thing, has run up to earth, and is working as a medical examiner to try to redeem himself.