WWW ICW - TDW Episode 288, Truth Or Consequences, NM

It's another day in the life of Total Domination Wrestling, as wrestlers new and old meet in the ring to put on a grand show...

Greg - GM

Aaron M. (Role Playing Exchange):   RJ Swank - The Indie Darling: The Remarkable One, trying to make a name for himself. Wrestles for Real Pro Extreme.

Aaron S. (Kame House Party): Rick Buckman - The Clown: The Ren-Faire Phenom of the ropes with the wonderful puns. Wrestles for Total Domination Wrestling

Birk - Ronnie Kay - The High Flyer: Hot new up and comer freshly signed to the group of promotions, ready to soar. Wrestles for Total Domination Wrestling.

Noah: (Role Playing Exchange): Smackwater Jack - The Hardcore: The man from the Bayou who's tired of wrestling gators. Wrestles for Real Pro Extreme.