WWW ICW - TDW Episode 274, Atlantic City NJ

Total Domination Wrestling has been down in the ratings, so for a boost they're producing an episode where every match is a title match! Who's going to make it out with some hardware tonight?

Greg (He/Him) - GM

Adam T. (He/Him): (Role Playing Exchange): Moonshiner Joe - The Monster: Wyatt-esque hillbilly. Drives the Fermenter, a monster truck. Wrestles for Real Pro Extreme.

Matt (He/They): (The Drunk and the Ugly): Devastator - The Monster: Heel turned hero from another dimension. Wrestles for Disaster Universe.

Micah: Shandy Isle - The Veteran: He and Steel Man Joe have finally made it back into the big time. Still feeling like he's on borrowed time, can Shandy continue to stay in the spotlight? Freelance wrestler.

Noah (He/Him): (Role Playing Exchange, Maple Syrup, Blood Money): Smackwater Jack - The Hardcore: The man from the Bayou who's tired of wrestling gators. Wrestles for Real Pro Extreme.