Monsters and Other Childish Things - Road Trip Remix - Episode 11

The kids finally make it to Orlando, FL to participate in Test Takers for fabulous cash and prizes. Yup, that's it. Nothing else. 


Adam – Nathaniel Gray, the insufferable boy scout who wants every badge.

Laura – Danielle Williams, the awkward yet snarky bookworm.

Ethan – Carter Roberts, the science-obsessed boy scout.

Shaun - Addie Williams, Danielle's street-hardened cousin.

Aaron – Dwayne Smith, the wrestling fanatic.


Luci (Lucifer) – a Seraph with a flaming sword.

Jak-Jak – a purple-furred blink dog.

Swiss Army – a giant Swiss Army knife with a Chicago accent.

Serenity – a holographic, psychic ballerina that lives in a phone.

Sir Spins-A-Lot – a top hat wearing giant spider.