Call of Cthulhu - General Order 11 - Episode 01

Early October. 1863. The American Civil War is entering its third year, but the Kansas-Missouri Guerilla War is entering its ninth. A small unit of Missouri State Militia Cavalry is sent to enforce General Order Eleven, a forceful evacuation of several rural Missouri counties. They'll soon encounter things far worse than bushwhackers and Confederate sympathizers. This is Part 1 of 2 of another brilliant scenario by Ethan.

The Players:

Laura: Lt. Frank Everett - Commander of the detachment. Disgraced and reduced in rank after refusing orders to execute prisoners in Palmyra.

Greg: Cpl. Daniel Coyle - A simple man, with simple desires – mostly for valuable things that belong to other people. 

Aaron: Pvt. Emmet Dooley - After his family was murdered by pro-Southern bushwhackers, he lied about his age and volunteered for the militia in order to seek revenge.