Monsters and Other Childish Things - Road Trip Remix - Episode 03

After a brief misunderstanding between our kids and The Sentai Rangers, the two groups combine to investigate the disappearance of Zoltron, the Ranger's boss. Can the kids successfully navigate another dimension and teenage angst to find a mysterious old man?

Adam – Nathaniel Gray, the insufferable boy scout who wants every badge.

Laura – Danielle Williams, the awkward yet snarky bookworm.

Ethan – Carter Roberts, the science-obsessed boy scout.

Aaron – Dwayne Smith, the wrestling fanatic.


Luci (Lucifer) – a Seraph with a flaming sword.

Jack Jack – a purple-furred blink dog.

Swiss Army – a giant Swiss Army knife with a Chicago accent.

Sir Spins-A-Lot – a top hat wearing giant spider.