iTunes / Episode Posting Update

Recently, if you are an iTunes user, and not downloading episodes directly from the website or Patreon you might have noticed that we're having some... Technical Difficulties getting the episodes to post. They seem to play just fine on our website, on Android, and other podcasting apps, but the official iTunes app has been making it hard to listen to certain episodes. Even after deleting the original post, making brand new posts, or even re-ripping the audio into new files, it's been difficult to make some episodes play, including our most recent episode. Since it's hitting different episodes and not all of them, at this time we will continue to post at our normal rate. We are currently looking for new avenues for hosting, as this would hopefully fix the problem and allow more of our backlog to appear in iTunes. We will keep you updated as best we can. We thank you for your support of Technical Difficulties.