Occasionally, I, Laura B, can be a complete doofus. To the tune of misplacing a Kickstarted RPG book (Ki Khanga), thinking I never received it, contacting the publisher, saying I think I never got it, getting a new copy no questions asked, and then… finding my original copy of the RPG.

Sorry MVMedia

But the error on my part is y’all’s gain! Because now, for our anniversary celebration, Technical Difficulties is giving away this copy of Ki Khanga: The Sword and Soul Roleplaying Game for free! And when I say free, I’m including shipping (within the United States — folks in the rest of the world, we’ll work something out. Also, we’re sorry that using the US Postal system to ship things out of the country is a disaster.)

How can you enter this raffle giveaway? Just leave us a rating and/or review on iTunes! Everyone who helps us reach more listeners this way from now until the end of April gets one entry in the raffle. Also, if you’re a patron of the podcast, you’ll get one entry in the raffle. Both a patron and leave us a review? You get TWO entries!

Help out the podcast and get a chance to own Ki Khanga, the African-inspired epic and heroic fantasy roleplaying game with a playing cards resolution mechanic — sounds like a win-win to me.

Also, go check out MVMedia’s other amazing offerings.

Ki Khanga Cover.JPG