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Red Markets 10K Lakes Season One

1 10K Lakes is a multi-podcast campaign run in 2018-2018 by Technical Difficulties and the Roleplaying Exchange, featuring their cast members, members of Insert Quest Here, and other friends.

A disparate group of Takers form the Freelance crew, finding work and trying to make it out of the Loss. Little do they know of the affects of their actions as they make their stamp in the 10K Lakes region of Minnesota...

Episode 00 - Enclave Generation (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 01 - Krautchopper (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 02 - A Walk in the Woods (The Roleplaying Exchange)

Episode 03 - PooPower (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 04 - In the Arms of an Angel (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 05 - Master of the Skies, Master of the Globe (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 06 - For Sore Eyes (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 07 - Spoil the Whole Bunch (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 08 - Their Billion Hands (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 09 - Badger's Boys (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 10 - Great American Dog Race (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 11 - Smurfing (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 12 - OJBR (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 13 - You Wouldn't Download a Car (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 14 - Coyotes (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 15 - Bike to Heaven (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 16 - Crowdsurf Off a Cliff (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 17 - Moving Day (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 18 - Bright Point (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 19 -
Save the Music (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 20 - Grapes of Roth (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 21 - In Like a Lion (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 22 - Blessed Beer Part 1 (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 23 - Blessed Beer Part 2 (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 24 - Family Recipe Part 1 (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 25 - Family Recipe Part 2 (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 26
- Blood Money (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 27 - 0perator Chases Mr. JOLS (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 28 - Boat Party (The Roleplaying Exchange)
Episode 29 -
Suuuuper Lad (Technical Difficulties)
Episode 30 - WEED4CATS (Season Finale) (Technical Difficulties)

Bonus - GenCon Panel: How to Run a Successful Living Campaign: Red Markets 10K Lakes (The Roleplaying Exchange)


Freelance Is:

Aaron M. (Character 1)– Low End – The bass playing Taker.

Aaron M. (Character 2)– Munchkin – Child soldier archetype.  Don’t get too attached.

Adam L. – Misty – A dangerously detached debutant wielding a spear (that’s only a spear).

Adam T. – Shears – Latent beautician tired of your mansplaining.

Chris (Character 1)– Iditarod – A dog trainer burned by the last movie they worked on and trying to buy their way back into the industry.

Chris (Character 2)– 0perator –  She's totally not a Steward, guys… OK, fine. She’s totally a Steward.

Ethan – Taxey – A street tough hustler/rapper with a new baby and a new purpose.

Greg – NRG – A hustling mechanic with a husband, an adopted son, a cute dog, and crippling debt.

Ian (Character 1)– Vapor – No sacrifice is too great for this taker to achieve their goals – but they don’t want to lose their soul.

Ian (Character 2)– Tora – A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears.

Jared – Factotum – An overprotective dad with issues.

Laura – Woodsman – A former high school science teacher, wandering the Loss with a bow and dog.

Lonnie – Martin Luther – A Latent cultist with a big dream and a very small axe.

Nathan – Nerf – Shooty shooty, gun gun.

Nick – Toss-Up – Canadian demolitions expert caught on the wrong side of the fence but the right side of the nukes.

Patrick – Catfish – A misguided youth that found himself lured to and abandoned in the Lost.

Ray – Colt – Combat medic who can gun two ways.

Sean B. – Gurney – East Coast EMT caught on the wrong side of the Recession.

Sean F. (Character 1)– Priceline – A taker always ready to make a quick bounty.  The Loss’ version of a used car salesman.

Sean F. (Character 2) – Stitches – A Black Math paramedic.

Sid – Prof. Bjorn – Visiting academic going on a hunting trip with his son when the crash hit.

Vince – Bonez – Actual Doctor. Wannabe Cowboy. Full-time Taker.