Bonus Post! Podcasting 101 Panel Notes

Hi, it’s Ethan! This last Friday at VisionCon I did a panel on starting podcasts with my brother Neil! Due to some “technical difficulties,” we couldn’t show our note slides. So here they are, for you downloading and enjoyment. If you were at our panel, thanks a lot, and we hope you start an awesome podcast! If you do, please let us know and we’ll cross-promote the heck out of you!

Podcasting 101 Panel Notes (PowerPoint)

Delta Green - Pacemaker Part 1

A group of random Delta Green agents and assets is called into investigate a death. The death was mundane, but there’s something strange in her chest... Based off of the scenario 'The Tormiss CRD, Model Z-17' from Stygian Fox's 'Fear's Sharp Little Needles'.


Ethan (GM)

Adam: Davis Costello, Veteran Affairs Physician (DG Agent)

Ben: Diana Aubrey, Special Operator (DG Agent)

Greg: Dusty Serrano, Thief & Dark Web Fence (DG Asset)

Ian: Karen Beech, Lincoln Nebraska PD (DG Friendly)

Better Angels - No Soul Left Behind 16

It's the thrilling conclusion of A New Brand of Justice, recorded live at GenCon 2018! Can the teachers outwit the super 'heroes' with their identities intact? Can they survive the assembly, let alone their students?

Noah  (He/Him) - The GM


Adam (He/Him) - Mac Malachi Noble / Dagon Cloudtrip - The grumpy old math teacher.

Laura  (They/Them) - Angelina Joceline / The Book Burner - The school librarian.

Chris - Benson Coyle / Psychopomp- The new teacher on the block.

Greg  (He/Him) - Chase Chevallier / Chernabog - The musical theater teacher.

Red Markets - 10K Lakes - In The Still Of The Night

Freelance is hired to steal an incredibly quiet motor, from a lab that tested it in a super quiet facility. Can they get the goods, and not go crazy or get eaten amidst the silence?

GM - Greg (He/Him)

Adam T. – Shears – Latent beautician tired of your mansplaining. (She/Her) 

David – Longshot – A dispossessed Canadian that hasn’t let the  apocalypse ruin his good nature…even if he has to kill you. (He/Him) 

Ian – Tora – A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears. (He/HIm)

Nick – Pulse – An undercover operative for StopLoss out to help them hunt immunes. (He/Him)

Sean F.  – Stitches – A Black Math paramedic obsessed with keeping the numbers even. (He/Him)