Red Markets - 10K Lakes - Coyotes

Freelance takes a dangerous job from a man is ready to go to the Recession, at any price...

Chris H. - 0perator - She's TOTALLY not a Steward, guys.

Ian - Vapor - No sacrifice is too great for this taker to achieve their goals - but they don’t want to lose their soul.

Nick - Toss-Up - Canadian demolitions expert caught on the wrong side of the fence but the right side of the nukes.

Sean B. – Gurney – East Coast EMT caught on the wrong side of the Recession.

Base Raiders - 01 - The Love Hospital

The team gears up for their first adventure, trying to locate a hospital for friends and family of the Ideal! Only it's difficult to find, and once they get inside it's not empty...

Ethan: Spring-Loaded Skelebot: The Mechamagical Mook: A magical skeleton that was a former guard, he has broken free to be the "Moses of the Mooks".

Greg: Saint Michael: Avenging Angel of Avranche: Having taken the sword of Saint Michael from Mont Sant Michel after a terrorist attack gone awry, he is an "independent Base Raider" who is totally "retired" from French Special Forces and totally not 'an agent of a foreign power'...

Laura: Teke / Dr. Garnet Aran: Hippocratic Pep Pills:  Having accidentally ascended while trying to study for her med school finals, Teke has graduated and is now Base Raiding to help with her practice.

Infinite Galaxies - The 'Knights' of Sidonia

Enjoy a bonus episode! We playtest the upcoming RPG Infinite Galaxies with creator Rory  MacLeod (and editor Laura)! Join the Sidonia on its adventure to rescue a prince!

Adam - Simon - The Ace

Ethan - Gamon - The Jack

Greg - W31RD - The Robot

Laura - Jaci - The Explorer

Eclipse Phase - Into the Black - Episode 10

Our heroes have to stop a riot! Who lives? Who dies? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the first act of Into The Black!


Ethan – NASIT – AGI Infosec specialist.

Greg – Templeton – Neo-pig with heavy weapons

Kent – Dr. Freddy Fahrenheit – AGI fork of NASIT. Is actually a doctor.

Noah – Saitou – The Ultimate

Laura – Eliza -  Autonomist Mathematician

Rachel – Teegan – Hyperelite Lawyer