Red Markets - The Last Push

Hey all, Laura (Pixie) here,

If you’ve enjoyed our Red Markets campaign so far (it’s the majority of what we’ve released onto the airwaves…), I hope you’ll consider backing the Red Markets Kickstarter. As of writing this, there’s three days left and it’s only $284 away from unlocking yet another stretch goal: the Gaming the System Guide, Caleb’s part design analysis, part advice document on how to make the Profit system drive other settings.

I’m not going to lie, I do have a personal motivation to that appeal: I’m the editor on this project. And, as much as this makes my health-economics trained partner despair, a solid chunk of my reasoning behind signing onto the project was “ooooh, I’ll get to see the rules sooner.”

And let me tell you, those rules are solid. I’ve been working on editing the player’s section practically since the Kickstarter made, back on day one, and everything looks better than the beta version we played with. Caleb really incorporated all the feedback he got from the various and sundry playtesters into some clean, clear copy on how to play the game.

I should probably get back to that editing, so y’all get the preview draft as soon as possible. Happy gaming!