Completed Campaigns

Red Markets Beta - The Reformers

It's the campaign that started it all: The Reformers, run as a beta test of Caleb Stokes's game Red Markets. Pixie, Freebird, and Anton try to make enough money to escape the zombie apocalypse.

GM: Greg
Players: Laura, Ethan, Aaron

Monsterhearts - Winter Quarter 1998

Monsterhearts is a game of sexy young monsters and interpersonal angst. Catrin, Neko, and JJ work through their problems during the winter of their freshman year at college.

GM: Aaron
Players: Laura, Ethan, Greg

Monsters and Other Childish Things - Roadtrip Remix

A gang of kids with their special monster friends embark on an amazing trip accross the country. What exciting adventures will they have along the way? Adapted from the campaign Road Trip by Ross Payton.

GM: Greg
Players: Laura, Ethan, Aaron, Adam, Shaun



Ongoing Campaigns

Red Markets - 10k Lakes Shared Campaign

Eclipse Phase - Into the Black

Better Angels - No Soul Left Behind