Better Angels - No Soul Left Behind 13

The trials with the 'heroes' continue! Can Chase survive a fight with Foot Soldier? How can the teachers overcome these stars?


Adam - Mac Malachi Noble / Dagon Cloudtrip - The grumpy old math teacher.

Laura - Angelina Joceline / The Book Burner - The school librarian.

Chris - Benson Coyle / Psychopomp- The new teacher on the block.

Greg - Chase Chevallier / Chernabog - The musical theater teacher.

Channel A - Labor Day Special with Kame House Party & RPX

Some of us are excited for the (as of posting) Kickstarter for Channel A: Alpha Edition, the anime pitch party game. Producer Evil Hat Games made an online hand generator and premise generator, so we took that for a spin to come up with some crazy anime ideas. The episode has been cross posted at Kame House Party.

If you like what you hear, please consider backing the game on Kickstarter. To learn more about the creator, Ewen Cluney, check out his website Yaruki Zero Games. And as always, check out our friends at Kame House Party, the Role Playing Exchange, and Eclectic Eccentricities.

Want to try the game for yourself? You'll need a hand of cards:

and a premise:

Players: Aaron, Daniel, George, Greg, Jen, Patrick

Breakfast Cult - Art-Goalery

Chet wants people to take his art more seriously, so he's hosting an art exhibition where the person whose art is voted "most liked" wins $500 and will get their piece displayed in the Dunwich Hall lobby. Can you come up with an amazing piece and win that $500?

Adam: Fong Ho - Best Student, Worst Person; The Student Council Vice President who has it all figured out, or so he claims...

Ethan: Guy Zhou - Police Procedure "Expert"; He's not a cop. He'd have to tell you if he was a cop...

Laura: Madoka Mawaru - Perfect Dork; Uber gamer and a good friend to all.